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A key aspect of raising children I see many parents concerned about is teaching their children how to read, and finding ways to make it an experience that the children actually want to do!

Australian company Paragon IT Consulting has today released Early Words for Windows 8 ($1.99) that tackles this exact problem using “sight words” in a way that is engaging, and isn’t monotonous!

Designed by teachers, Early Words is an educational application that targets specific curriculum outcomes. By teaching children through an engaging memory match game to recognize the visual shape of each word and form a link with the correct pronunciation through audio playback, their reading development can be significantly accelerated.

The application features a GENUINELY FUN single player mode with trophies to earn as you progress, as well as a multiplayer option that allows up to two children to play competitively or collaboratively.

Early Words has colourful and engaging sight-word gameplay
Early Words has colourful and engaging gameplay

As the gameplay is tiered, children can progress through the eight difficulty levels and focus on words that are appropriate for their current ability. While only 100 sight words are needed to decode half of all written text, Early Words supports over 300 different words from five popular sight word lists – all of which are pronounced!

Whether you’re a parent looking to give your child a leg up, help your child advance, or are an Early Childhood teacher, Early Words is going to be an invaluable tool to help you help them – and at less than a cup of coffee, who said Education doesn’t come cheap?

Early Words ($1.99) by Paragon IT Consulting.

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