“no one with any sense denies AGW is real”: O RLY?!

I have no problems pointing to the evidence, the problem is when people insist that their logical fallacies are better than evidence, or they choose to ignore that evidence.

It’s a problem I run in to a lot at 2UE’s David Oldfield Facebook Group.

In fact, it’s because of that dead-end reasoning I prefer promoting science and critical thinking.

However, there comes a point when reason and logic needs to be replaced with ridicule and lament; for Donald Thomas, his time was long overdue.

So, meathead Donald wants to tell me that “no one with any sense denies that AGW is real”; Is that so, Donald, is that so?

These was just a portion of his replies from one thread in the group, but given I posted these on the wall to ensure everyone could see the hypocrisy, I had to keep the number down to something less spammy. Sort of.








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