About Me

Bayani Mills has a strong interest in science, technology, and is an amateur skeptic. An advocate of rational thought, free-thinking, and seeking enlightenment, Bayani dislikes ignorance and encourages others to thoroughly investigate the extraordinary claims they encounter.

He also owns a Sydney-based start-up company covering web-services, technology, and Wireless Network Security.

His interest in Skepticism arose from seeking science-based podcasts and coming across those such as Skeptoid (Brian Dunning), The Geologic Podcast (George Hrab), Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe (The New England Skeptics Society), The Skeptic Zone, and Skeptics with a K (Merseyside Skeptics Society).

Over the last few years, Bayani has had a growing interest in state and federal politics. While a Libertarian at heart, he considers himself a swing-voter, opting to follow the party with the best-policies in areas that are important to him; being transport, cost-of-living, housing-affordability, health, and education – in no particular order.

Bayani currently works as a licensed security officer in Sydney, Australia and is applying his skills gained from other sectors to develop policies and procedures, improve system efficiencies, improve the Anchor Security website’s, and manage the day-to-day activities of their Patrol and Response service.

ste125x125Bayani has been working on a number of projects, including Report a Rort, an amateur resource which focuses on consumer action and bringing information to the public on making effective complaints to the Therapeutic Goods Administration, and to the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission about pseudo-scientific health benefit claims or misleading advertising claims made by pseudo-scientific manufacturers, practitioners, or retailers.


His latest project, SeekTheEvidence.org, has the charge of “Promoting Reason & Rationality in the Public Arena”. He would like to see the website become internationally collaborated, providing grassroots-orientated campaigns that aims to develop critical-thinking on a global level through promoting rationality, sensibility, and logical reasoning in the public arena through local activism.

Personal projects of Bayani’s include the investigation of his Family Tree, which at the present time is heavily focused on his mothers’ side in the Philippines; his mother is one of 16, which makes the task rather time-consuming; however, Bayani has no siblings. Bayani’s fathers’ side is largely complete thanks to the work of his father, and Bayani’s uncle.

Bayani has a personal interest in combating “woo”, and medical pseudoscience in particular due to his experience in dealing with his mothers’ faith in Alternative Therapies during her battle with lung cancer; believing in religious artifacts such as holy water and blessed rose-petals, “scientific” “cancer-curing” glass discs, a long-time advocate for the philosophies of Feng Shui, the application of various ointments, and “natural” “super” drinks such as Aloe Vera Gel.

Other personal interests include emerging technological inventions and their possible applications; in fields such as medicine and astronomy. Of course, as a geek, Bayani does enjoy gadgets and tinkering; and being a hands-on person, he enjoys being creative and doing activities such as scrap-booking, creating personalised gifts, et cetera.. however rare that may be.

A Member of CRX Australia and OzHonda, Bayani is partial to Honda vehicles, and enjoys the freedoms granted by his car by taking random adventures interstate, and locally. (Not so recently while his car is at the mechanics.) Bayani likes the outdoors and recently discovered Geocaching; something he hopes to do more when he gets his vehicle back.

Why the Blog?

Looking through the news each day, I wanted to let others know about these issues, but l felt it was time I stopped spamming my Facebook profile – sort of, and perhaps write more in-depth opinion pieces about what I see happening around me.

Since then, while in my down time I used to be either watching the latest releases of stored television series’, or checking in with friends and family on Facebook; I am now more involved in skeptical activism; however, I am working on compartmentalizing & formally organizing what I do so it affects my social-life less. (Takes its toll!)

Anything else?

I have a fascination with stationery and I like peanut butter on crumpets.