Philippines 2013 – The Flight In

I’ve had some dental “issues” for a while now, and despite having got them fixed before, I’ve fallen in to bad habits again. It’s been a few days since I got in to the Philippines to both get those dental issues fixed, but also see the extensive family I have here in Manila, and Cebu.

As expected, the flight was delayed, which wasn’t all that surprising to hear as a Jetstar Plane had been parked at Gate 33 instead if a QANTAS one throughout my breakfast. I was hoping it wasn’t going to happen, though. Apparently catering took a while to load. When I got on, I overheard an attendant on the phone to someone saying their Chiller wasn’t working.


Getting to Kingsford Smith Airport early wasn’t an issue, except for the traffic around the M5 entry tunnel, from I don’t know what. I had prepared for my 8 hour trip with fully-charged iDevices, and my new toy – A Mophie Juice Pack Plus. Charged quickly and gives me more than a full battery on my iPhone 4S. But, lucky me, I had breakfast over a power socket. Well, ok. Less luck, and more strategy.


I was ecstatic about the forecasted weather, too. Sydney has seen rain over the last few weeks, and more is exactly what I was after. /sarcasm


I was say next to an anesthetist called Stan whose new born was crying before take off, but was perfectly OK for the next few hours. I wasn’t bothered about it I’m any case, but no one else seemed bothered by it either. Maybe people are becoming more patient? Maybe.

Here’s a quick snap of the food; the menu was nice, plates were designed by someone or other. I don’t remembered, but the Menu said it for some reason.


I, of course, left the Salad and vegetables alone.

I spent my trip catching up on Futurama, Burn Notice, Game of Thrones, American Dad, and Hannibal. And naps..

The trip was a bit turbulent, but no one panicked, thankfully.


Especially when we headed in to Manila (MNL) Ninoy Aquino International Airport; there was a “Signal 2” storm leaving apparently. There was quite a but if lightning, but we had this in the way down.


Good trip in. :)

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