Gatecrasher fears continue to push trend for guard dogs at private parties

Lately, fears of Gatecrashers during private functions continue to be the driving reason for why concerned parents through-out Sydney’s Northern Beaches have been asking for security guard dogs at their home, providing protection for both their property and their guests during their “family and friends” event.

Zeus, one of Anchor Security's guard dogs during staff and dog training.

Preparation and prevention are key when providing a successful event, and when it comes to your events’ security, preventing a problem is far better than having to deal with the consequences.

Security company Anchor Security, based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches not only provides security guard dogs to venues for 18th and 21st Birthday parties, but pairs them with a security officer with a head-mounted HD Video camera.

Anchor Security appeared in The Manly Daily commenting on the lack of available venues, following a 17 year old Forestville teenager ended up with a 2.5m steel rod lodged in his head, after gatecrashers had attempted to enter their party.

The powerful combination of a physical guard, guard dog, and camera has proved useful and successful in preventing the escalation of troublesome guests and gatecrashers.


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