Setting Ground Rules

There is little sense is discussing issues with people who are not interested in the truth, and it is difficult to reason with people who are not able to recognize what constitutes a fallacious argument.

In an attempt to prevent myself for wasting my time, I have formed two ground rules for which “believers” will need to pass before I seriously consider engaging with them in any great depth.


My first rule addresses the openness of the discussion. There is little to discuss if only one person is open to new information.

Of course, I am not going to leave them high and dry – If they want it explained, I am happy to refer to the QualiaSoup video on open-mindedness:

My second rule seeks to establish a framework that prevents fallacious conclusions. We can not reason with people who can not reason.

If someone is unfamiliar with logical fallacies, some of these are explained at a recently launched website called Your Logical Fallacy Is

Though, if they have failed the rule two, I am happy to provide links to resources that will help them develop critical thinking skills.

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