Skeptics Society: Adam Vanlangenberg’s quest to encourage critical thinking in High School students

In an Australian high school, maths teacher Adam Vanlangenberg holds a weekly lunchtime meeting, inviting students (and teachers) to discuss popular phenomena during a “Skeptics Society” class at the McKinnon Secondary College.

The class has proven to be extremely popular; In an article from the Age written by Jewel Topsfield (“Sceptical group brave enough to tackle the big issues, like the Stallone rump reading“). Adam says ”I thought if I got 30 kids I would be happy. About 100 kids turned up, which blew me away.”

All too often, skepticism is seen as a “debunking” of sorts – Adam appeared on the Australian morning television show “The Circle”, speaking with the hosts about the aims of the class and how it come to be; he has succeeded in presenting skepticism for what it is, an evidence-based search for answers.

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