How to Win Arguments, As It Were

One of the projects I have been working on over the last couple of months is SeekTheEvidence at (strangely enough).

Its primary aim is to promote critical thinking in the public arena;  I want it to end up being a small-to-moderately sized repository for  “fun science” for the public; something that is intriguing, and informative.

For the most part, the information gathering process is a casual one – mostly through my browsing on the internetz. When it coming to interesting videos, articles, etc, however – SeekTheEvidence is supposed to be a COLLABORATIVE project.

With that, I invite anyone who has any material, or would like to make any material to simply contact me here. Posters, Audio, Decal Designs, Links, Suggested Articles, Videos – everything and anything. Even if you sent me a list of all your critical-thinking bookmarks, that would be awesome!

Okay, so where was I going with all this …

I came across an interesting article the other week. I found it really amusing, however I am not quite sure how to incorporate it in to the website – or where; or if it belongs there.

How to Win Arguments, As It Were

Check it out, and let me know where.

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