Spill on Aisle 3!

Last night PM Kevin Rudd confirmed the breaking news that there was a spill from within the Labor Party.

The party’s Right faction had swung to support Julia Gillard for PM, regardless of her reluctance to take-up the position.

During his speech, Rudd’s first two sentence’s was the crux of the announcement before he launched in to a self-promotion campaign – proclaiming he was elected by “the people” to do a job.

He should be reminded that no one but the Electorate of Griffith elected him, and it was the Party that elected him to be the jockey for the Labor party.

In a strange show of support, the Right is backing someone who is a socialist with historical and recent affiliations to Communist Groups.

With that, WHEN Gillard is elected – and it’s almost a certainty, I foresee Labor taking a more Active approach to it’s failed policies, and a more conservative approach to their policies.

They’ll be going in to Damage Control for the party as they drop the weight around their neck, that is Kevin Rudd.

Rudd has micro-managed failed policy after policy.

About the only positive thing from his reign has been the injection of money Pensioners have received – yet is set to be stripped from them via high grocery costs, increases in electricity costs – and that is before taking into account the ETS that was being rammed down our throats – and was still being touted as being the ONLY way to reduce emissions in Australia.

For Deputy Red, her role in the management and implementation of these failed policies need to be closely scrutinized.

Was she following Rudd’s orders, or was she the one in charge and running things at home while Rudd was away on his oversea junkets?

Issues with the BER are still to be resolved – MONTHS after rorts by Builders and the Large Construction companies over-charging were brought to her attention.

Initially there was an out right denial f any sort of issue, but with millions in blowouts – it’s hard to cover up.

One of the key things that irk me is the feminist ideology, who simply care not about the abilities of Gillard, but will support her only on the basis of her having a Vagina.

It’s absolutely ridiculous.

So, will the rolling of Rudd usher in a new style of government, or will it just be a matter of “Same horse, Different Jockey”?

We’ll find out later today.

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